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Portugal is a talented and super sweet 4-year-old chestnut gelding. Despite his young age, he shows a lot of talent for the collection.

About Portugal:
Age: 4
Studbook: KWPN
Descendant: Kjento x Gribaldi x Sultan
Height at the withers: 1.71 m.

Porti, as we call him, has a heart of gold. He is always friendly and seeks affection. He is a real cuddle buddy. It is wonderful to work with him both in the stable and outside. He is a real pleaser at work, so he learns very quickly and he tries everything you ask of him with great enthusiasm. He will not be easily startled by his surroundings, is very concentrated and will at most want to see what is going on if there is a lot of noise. Despite his relaxed attitude, he is sensitive, but that and his young age do not make him suitable for the novice rider. Portugal is familiar with giving way, he scissors nicely and has a good upward posture during the exercise. He has also started to walk shoulder forward and can canter a broken line. He shows a lot of talent for the collection and at times he tilts the pelvis so beautifully that his potential quality is clearly visible. His inquisitive character and good use of body make him a great horse for the future. Portugal is familiar with loading onto the cattle truck, is good at the farrier and has no stable defects.

Higher price range. 

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Sire Kjento
Sire of sire Negro
STB Preferent
s.s.s. Nadir
m.s.s. Godjemiza
Dam of sire Zoriana
STB Elite, Preferent
d.s.d. Jazz
m.m.s. Poriana
Mother Urisca
STB STER, Preferent, PROK
Sire of dam Gribaldi
STB Preferent
s.s.d. Kostolany
m.s.m. Haubtstutbuch Gondola
Dam of dam Jarisca
STB Elite, Sport, PROK
s.d.d. Sultan
STB Keur
d.d.d. Prisca
STB ster, Prestatie