Frequently asked questions:

1) I want to save my advertisement but it doesn't work?

This due to the size of the photos you uploaded. The easiest solution is to minimize the photos. If it is not possible to do this on your own, send us an email and we are glad to help you. Email to, specify the categorie of the advertisement and the advertisement itself. We will add the photos to the advertisement as soon as possible.

2) My homepage- and/or topadvertisement are not visible?

There is a delay of a few minutes before the homepage- and/or topadvertisement is visible (circa 10 minutes). Also homepage- and topadvertisements will show up randomly combined with other advertisements.

3) How can I administer my advertisement?

With your email adres and password you can log in to --> my sporthorses. Do you have an advertisement but no account yet? Create an account.

Beware for cheaters,

Unfortunately cheaters are active on They sent poorly written English e-mail in which they write that they are intereted in your horse or pony.
After several e-mails they sent a cheque and ask you to transfer a certain amount of money to a foreign bank due to a vague reason (for example that they have to transfer money to the transporter whom will pick up your horse). After a while the cheque seems to be invalid and the money you transferred cannot be traced and returned.

To prevent abuse:

- Ask for more contactdata like telephone number or for traders a website with information
- Nearly no one buys a horse without seeing it
- If WESTERN UNION is mentioned in the email you can assume they are cheaters. With this bank money and accounts are not traceable.
- Always use a wire-transfer (from bank to bank via electronic way), this prevents problems.
- Be warned when they are from Nigeria!
- Never accept a cheque, bank transfers are always possible!
- When you assume the contact person (or person who contacted you) is a faker, do not respond to the e-mails!

Have you experienced a faker at please contact us via We will add this person to the list below.

Last known fakers:

patson givens
Stoeterij Arenberg - Louise Morley -
Angelo -
henry ken -
Henry Ken -
herry -
James Ken -
mary ->
mike johnson-
Paul Carlos
Raul Federico -
Raul Federico Teague Junior
Specter Jones -
thomas klew -