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Friendly and people-oriented horse for sale. Bin Latifah is an almost 6-year-old gelding and a real all-rounder: dressage, jumping and cross. However, he lacks the talent to become a sport horse, which is why we are looking for a 5 star home. He would be suitable for someone who can do simple work with him, such as riding in the woods or as a companion horse. Of course, the perfect home is a priority for this special horse, as he is very sentimental towards his owner. We started his training slowly and gave him time to develop and mature. And now we are looking for a perfect home for him. It has a few funny little quirks, so it's not suitable for a total amateur, but it's simple enough for someone who knows a little about it. As a foal, Bin Latifah had a difficult start. He was born in Amman, Jordan his mother died shortly after birth. He grew up between two foster mares and some human help. When he was 4 months old, he was imported to the Netherlands to give him the best opportunities such as veterinary treatment and therapy care. He was able to walk in the meadow for the first few years. Due to malnutrition as a foal, he has some ataxia in his hind legs. The vets have rated this with a 2 out of 5. He can do ridden work and his prognosis is good, but he does not have a future in the sport. Of course, his full veterinary history is available to potential buyers. His mother is Latifah One (by Navidad), an international KWPN jumping horse at 135 cm level and his father is Loridon van de Leuwerk (by Cassanova 37), BWP stallion who jumped at 120 cm.


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