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This super sweet and handsome gelding named Rialto is 3 years old and about 1.58 high. Despite his young age, he is certainly no less well-behaved. Rialto is a Murges horse which is unique in the Netherlands. They originally come from Italy and there the horses are used in the army and for the mounted police. They are known for their down-to-earth and cool characters and their great rideability. 
We brought Rialto from Italy ourselves and so the entire history is known. 
He is super sweet and people-oriented in handling and loves of all the attention. 
Under saddle he is super well-behaved and easy to ride, even for the less experienced rider. Walks easily on the rein and responds nicely to the aids. He has a down-to-earth character and does not quickly look away from anything. He is ridden here by several riders and he thinks it's all good. 
I went outside with the group and really enjoyed it and did very well. He also does a good jump. 
Riding without a saddle, with a flag, he is fine with it all! 
he has recently been RX approved and has no (stable) defects. 
is stabled in the Utrecht region. Transport is possible. 
For more information please call or app 06-12876667 for videos you can also app. 


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