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This beautiful appearance is looking for a new home.
3 good gaits, sweet to be around, does not look up easily.
Father: Opoque: winner among the 4-year-olds during the world championships for young dressage horses! The two-time premium stallion and reserve performance champion Opoque was already in a class of his own in the qualification of the world championship for 4-year-old dressage horses in Ermelo.

Mother: Bilona Descends from good sport horses, the full sister runs Small Tour and several half sisters/brothers all perform high dressage work ZZ LT etc.
On the mother's side we find the stallion Lester and Heidelberg. 
she will further learn the foal alphabet with us, and is in hand every day. 


Sire Opoque
Sire of sire All at Once
s.s.s. Ampere
m.s.s. Wyona
Dam of sire Ice Princess
d.s.d. Davino
m.m.s. Belle Vurona
Mother Bilona
Sire of dam Namelus R
s.s.d. Concorde
m.s.m. Eamelusiene
Dam of dam Rilona
ster pref
s.d.d. Lester
d.d.d. Bigona
pref ster