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*Reduced in price*
I am looking for a new 5* home for my horse Jeliek-H.
This horse is a beauty to look at and a dream to ride. Jelly, as he is called in the stable, can do nice dressage, jump nicely and is very enthusiastic in cross-country. This is his favorite part (and mine too :)). He always runs flawlessly through the cross and did not go home without a prize in the 2023 eventing season, including 3 first places. We even won a prize at our international debut!! In addition, we have become regional champion 3 times in the past 4 years and 3rd at the National Championships in 2022.
He would be very nice for the transition from pony to horse, but is not suitable for beginners, he has too much character for this.
Dressage-wise he knows the exercises up to Z, including a novice flying change, in competitions he runs M2.
In competitions he jumps 1.10m, but he is trained at home at 1.30m level.
Eventing he runs officially M and 1*, with plans to start Z and 2* this season, practice courses at 2* have already been completed flawlessly.

The asking price will include his supplies, including the saddles fitted to him, bridles, protectors, etc.
The reason for selling is that I am going to study and move into rooms, and unfortunately I cannot take him with me.

Recently inspected (18-01-2024):
Clinically approved.
Unfortunately there are no comments on X-ray, although this does not bother him at all.

The price is still up for discussion, but a 5* house is absolutely a must.
Videos on application.


Sire Negro
Sire of sire Ferro
s.s.s. Ulft
m.s.s. Brenda
Dam of sire Fewrie
Keur, pref., prest.
d.s.d. Variant
m.m.s. Mewri
Mother Weliki-H
Elite, sport(dr)
Sire of dam Gribaldi
Elite, pref.
s.s.d. Kostolany
m.s.m. Gondola II
Dam of dam Naniki
Prest., sport(spr)
s.d.d. Flemmingh
d.d.d. Taniki


Evenement Jaartal Categorie Plaats geëindigd
Outdoor Horst 2023 1* 8ste (Internationaal debuut)
SGW Ysselsteyn 2023 M 1ste, Regio Kampioen
Eventing Westdorpe 2023 M 2de
SGW West-Betuwe 2023 M 4de
SGW Snorrenwind 2023 M 1ste
SGW Vinkega 2023 M 6de
SGW Snorrenwind 2023 M 1ste
SGW Ysselsteyn 2021 L Regiokampioen
SGW Ysselsteyn 2020 L Regiokampioen
Eventing Etten-Leur 2024 M 6de