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This super sweet handsome gelding was born with us. We bought his mother when she was pregnant from Olst Horses.
Mother is still in our possession.

Pentagon has always been in hand a lot from the time she was a foal. And was eventually taken out of the country at the age of 3.5 and has now been saddle broken for 2 months.

Rare, well-behaved and honest character, both in hand and under saddle.
We believe that horses should be given time and not quickly made ready for sale, which means he is still a bit green for his age, but really has a character for a 12!

He has a good walk, a trot with a good hind leg and a very nice gallop.
He may need to improve his balance a bit, but then he will be phenomenal! 
We have also been riding on strange terrain, which he does exceptionally well!

When we visited Pentagon When he was picked up from rearing he turned out to have a squeaky heel, this is a cosmetic flaw. This does not harm your health or exercise, it is just a cosmetic flaw. This makes the price more favorable.

price: 14,500 - 17,500
So for someone who is looking for a handsome, uncomplicated BRAAF horse with potential for the sport...
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Sire Lantanas
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Glamourdale
Dam of dam