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Carlos is a friendly but very sensitive gelding. He needs a certain advanced rider to support him. Who tells him that everything is okay and that they can trust each other.
He is sweet to handle, good with the farrier. Neatly dewormed, vaccinated and in the stable is a good feeding policy. He can be outside 24-7.
We are looking for a certain advanced rider who will ride this man with care and take his sensitive side into account. Due to his past, he has a great flight character, but if he trusts you and knows that he is supported, you can read and write with him. Very nice and pleasant gelding once you have won him over. Carlos loves to be cared for, such as brushing, "tutting", walking and just being busy with him.
He is social with other horses and does well in a herd. He is currently in the paddock with a buddy. Is quiet in the washroom with hosing and brushing. Saddling is smooth and stress-free.

At the moment he is not a match with his owner and she has chosen to give him a home where he can do better. 
We at Stal Querencia are selling it for this customer, for information you can call 06-11781630

Carlos falls in the price range between 6000-7000 euros, the price can possibly be discussed if the match is there and it becomes a good home offered. 

Possibly saddle available for takeover.


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