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Very good, correct stallion, very eager to learn 
beautiful trot and canter
very good shoulder
From mare line
jumping horse New Men blue van t'vossenhof 1.25m
jumping horse Praco van t'vossenhof.   Darco. 1.35m
Approved stallion Leader M  bwp
1.50 m


Sire Corydon T&L
Sire of sire Cornado
s.s.s. Cornet obolensky
m.s.s. Acobata
Dam of sire Chaccos-lüd
d.s.d. Heartbreaker
m.m.s. Nikita
Mother Tamira van t'vossenhof Z
Sire of dam Toulon
s.s.d. Chacco blue
m.s.m. Lancley
Dam of dam Ratima van t'vossenhof Z
s.d.d. Ramiro Z
d.d.d. Unity M


Evenement Jaartal Categorie Plaats geëindigd
Altez finale 2024 Free ump 12
Altez national Bwp free jump 2023 Free jump 6