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Feldrini aka Faya/Fay is a sight to behold!
She is a very sensitive mare of 14 years old. She can be insecure/nervous but also has a somewhat dominant side. 
You should not expect that if you get on, you will drive away like that. She will often be able to test you. This sometimes makes her a bit difficult while driving, so it is a real challenge.
But if you get it right, she is a wonderful horse to work with. 
So she needs an honest but consistent rider who has a lot of patience. 
Faya is not suitable for the novice/equestrian rider or insecure person. 

She loves outdoor rides. This is what I enjoy most with her. 
She is easy on traffic. She is a bit nervous alone on the road, I have done this before, but with another horse she is more at ease convenience. 
I would prefer to see her end up with someone who would rather ride outside than in the box. Riding in the box is just not really her thing. She is easily irritated by stimuli and is nervous. She is not the best at jumping, but she also enjoys it, but I am not a show jumping rider myself, so I have not done much with her. A friend of mine sometimes took her along for a jumping or cross-country lesson.

She is good at cleaning and washing. 
Shaving is also no problem. I do this every year. 
I have her on front shoes and go to the smit every 7 weeks where she is warmly shod.

Horse is outside with me 24/7 with a walk-in stable in a herd . She also enjoys being with other horses and doesn't like being alone.  
I have previously just kept her in the stable at night. But because of her energy level it would be better not to keep her in the stable too much.

The best thing for Faya is if she ends up with someone who does not have too many demands. 
Let her be a nice horse and I like to have fun with her. 
As a pasture buddy could also be an option. 

Horse only leaves when it feels good. She definitely doesn't get in the way !
Equestrian centers and traders do not have to respond. 

If you are interested, please email or WhatsApp because of my difficulty in being reachable by phone. 
fleurxdaaf@gmail .com

Inspection is allowed. kk. 


Sire Victory
Sire of sire Manno
s.s.s. Fabricius
m.s.s. Gilvia
Dam of sire Rinova
d.s.d. Handro
m.m.s. Hinova
Mother Zeldrini
Sire of dam Stuurboord
s.s.d. Jonker
m.s.m. Kendini
Dam of dam Mendrini
s.d.d. Gelviro
d.d.d. Gendrini