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Kurieta (we call her Cita) is a very motivated horse who likes to work and likes to show what she can do. she is looking for a rider who has a decent level and wants to ride.
she certainly has the capabilities and the ability and appearance to reach a higher level.
we rode level 3 at the VOR (districts) , appuyers, backwards, walk-canter, counter-canter, etc.)
Cita has never had any injuries or never had colic. she's just bored  if she does not get the necessary exercise.
is good at competitions and she also loads very easily once she has done this a few times.
But due to private reasons she has stood still for a while, but we have come to the decision that she is too talented and flexible not to show her qualities to the outside world, she is looking for a motivated and talented rider.
Cita also had a foal (Draagmare) when she was 3, so she is also familiar with a foal and what I find especially positive is that they did not start riding at too young an age.
If you are interested, you can always contact me.


Sire Glamourdale
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Urieta Texel
Sire of dam Goodtimes
Dam of dam Lyorieta