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Very sweet, pitch black Lusitano mix mare named Fausta. Completely black; not a single marking or speck of white hair! She has a talent for dressage, but can certainly also be trained for endurance, working equitation or all-round. The mare enjoys her work a lot. Never shows mare behavior and always wears her ears cheerfully! She is people-oriented and affectionate. One to love, she gives a lot back. 
Easy to keep with other horses, easy for the blacksmith and easy to load. Has also been to other places and in the woods. Moreover, she has really good x-rays including back and neck without any comments. She is also
piro free. Because she is still a bit green, not for the novice rider, but very suitable for most riders. Well-behaved animal that enjoys the aids. Easy to ride and light in the hand.
The pedigree is not in the paper, but is known (the entire history is known). And can still be registered with DNA research.  The father is the TOP Arabian stallion Shankar: finished among the best in Paris. Mother is a very sweet Lusitano mare registered / named PSL Fausta . 
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Mother PSL Fausta
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