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Due to the transition to a young horse, we offer our beautiful 19-year-old Special D x Inspecteur mare for sale. 

We bought Zadanita when she was 4 years old and broke her in ourselves when she turned 5. I have always trained them in dressage and competed (class Z1 + 6). We also occasionally jumped and she went on outdoor rides. In 2020 and last April 2023 she became the mother of two beautiful mare foals. These are both still in our possession.  Zadanita has always been at our home, so we have always had the management in our own hands. She therefore regularly visits a farrier, dentist or vet (the latter if necessary). She was PROK approved in 2019. Zadanita does show a small radiological observation of the neck (increase in size of C7T1 facet joints). She also has an enlarged facet joint C6-7 (neck). Both very easy to manage. 
Zadanita still has enough energy and fun to get back to work. Due to her foal, she worked little or no work last summer. Now I've picked them up a bit again and they really like it! We therefore believe that Zadanita deserves to go to a new owner who would like to continue riding her and can give her the attention she deserves. She is also a very good mother and that is still a possibility. 
Zadanita can occasionally be a bit difficult with “strange” people and this can especially become apparent when getting on for a ride. We therefore think that a real novice rider is not a good combination with her. 

If you are seriously interested, please message or call (best reachable after 6 p.m. due to work). 


Sire Special D
Sire of sire Metal
s.s.s. Ferro
m.s.s. Edelweis
Ster, Preferent, Prestatie
Dam of sire Haafke
Ster, Preferent
d.s.d. Zandigo
m.m.s. Aafke
Keur, Preferent, Prestatie
Mother Tadanita
Sire of dam Inspekteur
s.s.d. Darwin
m.s.m. Doornroos
Keur, Preferent, Prestatie
Dam of dam Idanita
s.d.d. Dublin
d.d.d. Danita
Elite, Preferent, Prestatie, Sport-dres, Prok