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Davinschi is a fanatical mare who can be used for both sport and breeding (or both).

I bought her when she was six weeks under saddle and trained her myself up to Z2 . After gaining victory points in the Z2 class (in 2017). I took her out of the sport and used her as a broodmare. In 2017 she also obtained her star and subsequently keur and elite predicate. In the following years she has produced five good, correct and large foals, including three mares, all three of which I kept which can also be viewed at my place:
2018: mare by Ferdeaux (black). Now under saddle for about six months. Nice, quiet mare with a willing character.
2020: stallion by Fürst Dior (dark brown)
2021: mare by Fürst Dior (grey)
2022: stallion by MBH Santiano (black brown)
2023: mare by MBH Santiano (grey)
Because I always like this When I get more horses and that can hardly be called a hobby anymore, I have decided to offer Davinschi for sale. I didn't breed her this year because she had a late foal (June). As a rule, she is ready to carry weight the first time she is covered.

I have had her under saddle for over two months now and she is taking it well. She would like to work for you. Davinschi is easy to ride, but is a bit curious and alert to her surroundings (in autumn and winter, with lots of wind and leaves). When there are other horses, she pays less or almost no attention to her surroundings.
< br>For years, Davinschi has not been running completely cleanly on the hard circle on the right hand. This is not a problem with driving and it has not become worse, but that does mean that they are in a clinical setting inspection will probably not be approved. In this way I was able to ride Z2 at the time and now I don't notice it while riding.

Davinschi walks with me among all the other horses and gets along well with them all. However, she is in charge of most of the other horses. She is easy on the trailer, easy at the farrier and easy at the cleaning station. She loves attention and loves to be brushed. I have never ridden her on outdoor rides, but I always take her out on the road, so she is just a traffic companion.

Davinschi only goes away when she ends up in a good place. To me, that means that she can go out to the pasture every day for a longer period of time and has at least one other horse as a companion.

The photos are often from the mare inspection at which she obtained her keur and elite predicate. Other photos show her with her foals. The video is from now. The last photo shows her current foal, four months old.


Sire Valdez
Sire of sire Houston
s.s.s. Belisar
m.s.s. Ciola
preferent, prestatie
Dam of sire Oase
d.s.d. Jazz
m.m.s. Fenneke
keur, preferent
Mother Kristel
keur, preferent, prestatie, sport (dres.)
Sire of dam Pion
s.s.d. Abgar
m.s.m. Irma la Douce
keur, preferent, prestatie
Dam of dam Ursela
s.d.d. Idool
d.d.d. Orieka