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Age: 4.5 months (°26/04/2023)
For more information, please call: +32477/31.24.85

Ad Fundum is a beautiful one and promising colt. He is tall, long-legged and elegant. His hindquarters is beautifully muscled and he moves with very spacious, good gaits. He is smart, well-behaved and very easy to deal with.

Father of Ad Fundum is the young BWP stallion Tattoo H & DB TN. This stallion became vice champion at the 2022 BWP inspection and was then immediately purchased by Team Nijhof, where they believe strongly in the stallion: “The light-footed, modern stallion Tattoo H & DB shows a lot both in free jumping and under saddle athletic ability and has good reflexes and a lot of flexibility. Under the saddle, his balance and carriage are also very positive and he shows himself already driving exceptionally well. He has an incredible combination of jumping talent with a strong pedigree: Tattoo's father Parfait van het Schaeck is one promising stallion under the saddle of Marlon Modolo Zanotelli and his mother comes from the famous lineage of Usha van 't Roosakker.”

Father of the mother is California W Z. We see many in the bloodline of this stallion Holsteiner stallions that have proven themselves in sport and breeding: Caretano, Calvin Z, Ramiro Z, Caretino, Landgraf… The third father is the phenomenon Fantomas de Muze, a stallion with unlimited scope and a golden character.


Sire Tattoo H & DB
Sire of sire Parfait van het Schaek
s.s.s. Comme Il Faut
m.s.s. Like a Diamond van het Schaeck
Dam of sire O' Mega H & DB
d.s.d. Kannan
m.m.s. MoM's Ikea van 't Roosakker
Mother Nikita van 't Valissenhof
Sire of dam California W Z
s.s.d. Calvino Z
m.s.m. Cally Z
Dam of dam Kitinka van 't Valissenhof
s.d.d. Fantomas de Muze
d.d.d. Redoute