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Handsome colt by the young talented stallion Extreme US. To be loved (Toby) was born on 23-02-2023. 

Total pedigree:
Extreme US x Johnson x Rousseau x Gribaldi 

Grandmother is a provisional choice + prok mare and great-grandmother ster, preferent & performance.

At the foal inspection the jury said the following about him:
A foal that is well developed, has a strong body, well muscled. A foal that walks more than sufficiently, also has an easy way of trotting. The hindquarters are well used, a foal that has a lot of bend in the joints.

Toby walks daily on the halter.


Sire Extreme US
Sire of sire Escamillo
s.s.s. Escolar
m.s.s. Cassila
Dam of sire Viva contana ps
d.s.d. Vivaldi
m.m.s. Contana
Mother Mona Lisa
Sire of dam Johnson
s.s.d. Jazz
m.s.m. Roxane
Elite, preferent, prestatie, sport, d-oc
Dam of dam Franciska
Voorlopig keur, prok
s.d.d. Rousseau
d.d.d. Ultima
Ster, preferent, prestatie