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3 great FEI D-ponies for the upcoming World Championships.
It is a unique opportunity! Due to ending our hobby, we are selling our pair ponies, the carriages, harnesses, and the truck.
Our team large D ponies are between 9 and 11 years old. All three were purchased in the Netherlands as ridden ponies.
After a long training as driving ponies, they were released for the first time just before the corona crisis. That year we immediately came 2nd at the Belgian championship in Flemalle.. In the years after corona, we have always won the Belgian championship, except when none were organized. We also achieved good results internationally, but unfortunately we were not allowed to participate in the World Championships in Oirschot.
I would like to award a top performance at the next World Championships in Le Pin to a foreign driver. But they can certainly also make ambitious riders from other disciplines happy.

All these ponies are Welsh ponies and chic, they have beautiful gaits well above average. All three have a common father, the black stallion Steerwolde's V.I.P., who is still active in Sweden.

All ponies are in good condition, with a lot of flexibility and balance. This results in a pleasant light lean with an active hind leg. Their dressage results are often around 50 penalty points (65 to 70%), marathon and cones usually also result in podium places.
Vaccinations are always done punctually and noted in the passes.  
We suggest:

Indigo Emelwerth, 107CU38  
Very sweet, affectionate pony, always puts in 200% effort. He has the most experience and is the starting player in the team. Enjoy working with people. Smokeyblack
Gelding of 11 years old (2013)
148m, FEI measured for life.
Father: Steerwolde's V.I.P.   F.F.: Hagelkruis Valentine
Mother Emelwerth Celeste F.M. : Vita Nova’s Celesto
V.P.: 15,000 euros  

Hendi's Braskari, 107CU39
Distant pony towards people, except those he has a good relationship with. Is the mosthandsom and most athletic, but down-to-earth pony and works well with Indigo. Smokeyblack
9 year old gelding (2015)
148m, FEI measured for life.
Father: Steerwolde's V.I.P. v.v.: Hagelkruis Valentine
Mother: Hendi's Edilia v.m. : Orchard Red Prince
V.P.: 15,000 euros   

Incredible Emelwerth  Black
Or reservepony. Sweet, powerful and willing pony with a lot of front and extraordinary beautiful movements. Although smaller in the team, it is not noticeable. Because she makes herself bigger with allure in her work. We have not yet applied for an FEI passport for her. Her brother Moonshine was sold as a 3-year-old stud stallion at an auction for 20,000 euros.
11 year old mare (2013)
Father: Steerwolde's V.I.P. v.v.: Hagelkruis Valentine
Mother: Debbie Emelwerth v.m. : Bodo
V.P.: 10,000 euros
 Can be viewed: (B) Gooik, info: Marc Van der Speeten 0032 474 588 505
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Sire Steerwoldes V.I.P.
Sire of sire Hagelkruis Valentijn
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Bodo
Dam of dam