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                                                🌸Souverine FB 🌸
                                                 (Mowgli x Riverman)  

Mare, born in 2022, for sale directly from breeder.

Souverine is a super friendly and sweet 2-year-old fox mare whose father is the stallion Mowgli V.O.D. As a foal she immediately showed all her spacious and see upward movements.  
Souverine FB has the D-OC designation and is known by the farrier, has been regularly dewormed and has been vaccinated from foal onwards influenza/tetanus and also against the West Nile virus.

Father Mowgli V.O.D. was the most talked about stallion of his year and was considered by many to be the uncrowned king of the KWPN Stallion Seen the show. The impressive chestnut stallion also proved his worth under saddle qualities. He is highly praised for his good character and work institution. Something we also expect at Souverine FB.
We still own her half-sister and she also has one top character and work attitude.  

Zamorine Z himself scored 80 points for both type and movement at the studbook inspection and brings in the genes of the Light Tour-ranked stallion Riverman.   
Grandmother Amorine (by Saluut) also produced several Z1/Z2 dressage horses and international show jumping horses and is known as grandmother of the ZZ-Zwaar dressage horse Warine V (s.Krack C) and the ZZ-Licht classified Businessman (by Royal Bravour).  

Half-brother of Souverine FB, Knud B is ZZL classified and half-brother Monthy B (by George Clooney) from Zamorine Z came 2nd viewing stallion at the KWPN.  


Sire Mowgli
D-OC, premiehengst
Sire of sire Desperado
s.s.s. Vivaldi
m.s.s. Sarita
Z1 dressuur
Dam of sire Zoriana
Elite, Preferent, Prestatie
d.s.d. Jazz
Grand Prix dressuur
m.m.s. Poriana
Z1 dressuur
Mother Zamorine Z
Ster, Voorlopig Keur
Sire of dam Riverman
1,35 springen, PSG/Inter 1
s.s.d. Kenwood
1,40 springen
m.s.m. Jaludine
Dam of dam Amorine
Keur, Preferent, Prestatie
s.d.d. Saluut
1,50 springen
d.d.d. Nutrine
Keur, Preferent