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Super sweet mega cuddly toy is looking for a nice new home. With a lot of doubts and tears and a very bad feeling, I possibly offer my boyfriend for sale. Ted is a gelding who is just 11 years old. He measures 164 and is a descendant of Canabis Z x Little rock. So he is bred for jumping and this is what he can do. With the right handy rider he could go far in this regard. In dressage he competed at M level, but was not officially released. In handling it is the sweetest horse in the world. He is everyone's friend and very affectionate and cuddly. He always comes up to you and throws his head on your shoulder. Will never bite or kick and is also very sweet with small children. My 5 year old niece loves it. He doesn't find anything scary and is good in traffic. Also very sweet in the herd. Not submissive but not dominant either. Nice and neutral. Wants to be friends with everyone. If the mare is very aggressive, he can act a bit macho and want to ride it. Unfortunately, there is a catch. When he came here, he first stood still for 4 months to settle in, gain some weight, get to know me and the herd and go to the dentist and osteopath. Unfortunately, he got a lot of tension while driving after this. He doesn't really know how to handle this. We have now started making saddles completely again. He seems to have particular difficulty with the litter box. It is driveable outside. He can relax well in the arena on the lunge with saddle. We have now reached the point where we are riding outside with him (we still have someone accompany us because it is only recently that he has been arrested again). We hope to make more km in the coming period. He has always walked his rounds well in the past and has also been released at B level. Recent riding videos are available, as well as jumping videos and 100 other types of videos. All this makes it absolutely not suitable for insecure riders or beginners. A handy rider with experience in breaking/riding saddles and tense horses can easily do this. Especially because he has done everything so well recently. So he is not driven either. Unfortunately, I do not have the facilities, time or dexterity to master this myself. This, in combination with my 4 pushy mares, means that I am open to giving him a place where he can receive good training and a nice (sports) career where he can enjoy working. He does not go to dealers or riding schools. I'm really looking for a nice home. For videos, more information or photos, please send an APP to 0647571748.


Sire Canabis Z
Sire of sire Contender
Dam of sire
Mother Starina
Sire of dam Legaat
Dam of dam