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Spring Valley A.C., as she is called, is an extremely inquisitive mare who is not easily impressed by things. She now measures approximately 1.65 (estimated) Her father is  Las Vegas (if you don't know him, just google it) Her mother is crazy. Which I bought when she was 8 and just saddle broke (had foals first) Brought to competitions herself and took her to the studbook inspection at the age of 12. Because she had her D-oc and sports predicate, she was immediately declared keur. Vallie (as I call her) was allowed to go to the central inspection as a foal at the inspection. Our private situation has changed so much (certainly can be explained if you are seriously interested) that it is no longer feasible for me to keep multiple horses. So it has to be reduced from 3 to 1. This hurts but there is no other way. Vallie already has a very nice build and almost looks like an adult horse that is in good shape More information only if you are seriously interested. She will only leave if I know she will get a really good home and the best thing is if she can go out into the meadow for another year first. Higher price range


Sire Fantaine tn
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Larissa
Sire of dam Marome nw
Dam of dam Alissa