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Passione of Norel (Impresario x Oscar)

Passione of Norel is a super beautiful mare. The mother of Passione of Norel, Whistly, is not an unknown mare. Whistly is an Oscar x Appolonius and is the full sister of approved stallion, Uphill. Whistly managed to become champion of the Netherlands at the inspection in 2007. Passione's father is Impresario. The mother of this stallion performed great at the NMK and became champion. Impresario is AES approved and brings nice and good horses. Both the father as mothers come from top lines. In short, Passione of Norel comes from a line with strong genes in both sport and breeding!

In 2023, Passione passed the inspection and managed to achieve a nice score with 80/80. With these points she became a star declared provisionally approved. She has been under saddle since the end of 2023. She participated in the final of the Morrenhof-Jansen young horse competition in February and was then taken to the competition. She certainly does this without merit and comes every week with nice points and prizes at home. Even though this is her first competition season, she has probably already qualified for the Gelderland championships and managed to achieve a 4th place in the final of the Turfhorstbokaal. She is currently being started in the B, but is ready for the L.

Passione is a very nice mare to work with and enjoys doing this. She has a great attitude and is very honest, both at home and abroad. She is super easy to handle and loves when you are with her. She is good at the farrier, easy to load onto the trailer and has no stable defects or mare behavior. Besides the fact that her character is top notch, she is also a very beautiful mare to look at. She has a lot of charisma and has a very good walk and canter. In short, who wouldn't want to have such a beautiful and interesting mare in the stable!

Passione of Norel, a stunning mare, inherits a remarkable lineage. Her dam, Whistly, achieved the prestigious title of champion of the Netherlands in 2007 at the mare inspection. Notably, Whistly is the full sister of the approved stallion Uphill and is sired by Oscar and Appolonius. Passione's sire, Impresario, hails from strong bloodlines and has a proven track record of producing good horses. With a lineage boasting impressive achievements in both sport and breeding, Passione of Norel epitomizes a legacy of excellence and strength.

Passione is a talented mare who achieved an impressive score of 80/80 during her inspection in 2023, earning her the title of ster and provisional keur. She has excelled in competitions, consistently bringing home points and prizes. Despite it being her first competition season, she is likely qualified for the Regional championships and achieved a commendable 4th place in the Turfhorst Cup. Passione is currently competing in the B level but is ready for the L level.

She has a great attitude, is easy to work with, and behaves well both at home and in new environments. In addition to her excellent character, Passione is visually stunning and has a remarkable walk and canter. Overall, she is a beautiful and talented mare that would be a valuable addition to any stable.


Sire Impresario
Sire of sire Fürst Romancier
s.s.s. Fürst Heinirch
m.s.s. Ronja
Dam of sire Curonia
Elite, ibop, prok
d.s.d. Uphill
m.m.s. Uronia
Mother Whistly
EPTM, keur, pref
Sire of dam Oscar
s.s.d. Wolfgang
m.s.m. Berania
Dam of dam Naomi Ceroon
Preferent, prestatie, ster
s.d.d. Appolonios
d.d.d. Cerona