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16 year old spring bred mare for sale! I am looking for a 5-star home for my mare Dorette!   What is Dorette looking for: -          Confident rider -          Rider who can handle her energy -          Place where she goes outside -          Lots of hugs!   About Dorette: Dorette is a jumping bred mare from 05-05-2008 about 1.70 meters. Dorette is a daughter of Zobel and Wittinger VDl. Dorette has jumped internationally at 1.40 meters and has 4 beautiful foals walk around. She can also walk nicely in dressage and is also good on a horse outdoor ride, she doesn't get scared easily and she walks past everything and she can only go outside in a group. She is a mare with a lot of energy and work ethic, she likes to work for you! Once you have her trust, she goes through the fire for you, but first you will be tested briefly.   Dorette also spent a while on one about 3 years ago riding school, then she came to the old owner's house where she gave birth to her last foal. We arrested her in November 2023 with driving and we noticed that I don't have the right click with her surface, I am too insecure for her and therefore cannot cope with her energy to deal with. We eventually rode regularly and then she became well calmer, but I couldn't do it. Now we haven't had one for 4/5 months more regularly, which means she is now busier driving again. Now she is also 2/3 months of silence in terms of driving due to pleasure away from me. So she is a lot calmer if there is regularity in driving, only because of my uncertainty and a share fear, I couldn't do this. She is still lunged 3 to 4 times a week to maintain her condition.  Dorette is otherwise a good and honest horse to ride with the right rider! Dorette could still participate in competitions, but no longer at international level Due to her age, training is required. This is also a place where she goes outside every day where she can run for a while. So regularity is very important for Dorette.   Dorette is also a very sweet horse. Children can walking her, brushing her, lunging her and playing with her in the paddock. Dorette walks nicely with you, once she has a connection she walks even without a halter. She goes well in the grooming area and you can handle her brushing without fixing. She went to the dentist in November. She is very good at the farrier and can stand with or without shoes. She She has also been in a herd, she can do this too, but she is dominant. Furthermore, she sometimes has envy, but this is not always.   Conclusion: Dorette is a sweet mare with a lot of spirit for which I am looking for the right rider.   If you have any questions about Dorette or would like videos, send me feel free to send us an app on 0637312602! Please only if you are seriously interested.   Her belongings are included in the price. Below belonging to saddle, bridle, girth, power horse, tendon caps, saddle pad(s), saddle pad, blankets (about 10), halters, 4 bits.


Sire Wittinger VDL
Sire of sire Indoctro
Dam of sire Irusa
Mother Zobel
Sire of dam Leonardo |
Dam of dam Nato H