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Honest, highly pregnant bombproof broodmare and riding horse for sale.

Karlotta-Belle (Verdi TN x Vittorio) is heavily pregnant with the keur stallion Grandorado TN N.O.P. and is due around April 31 (coverage May 31, 2023) .

Karlotta-Belle is 8 years old old (June 2015), 1.67 m high, D-OC, and bred by myself from a Vittorio x Padinus x Burggraaff x Concorde mare from the Moukje line of the Fam. van Straaten.
Numerous sport horses come from this line.
- Mother Etres Belle, star provisional keur, prok
- Mother's mother Atres Belle: star, performance (several 1.30 horses or higher)
- Mother of mothers mother Tres Belle S: star, performance (several 1.40 horses)
- L'Amie-S: keur, performance (several 1.40 and 1.45 horses)

Karlotta is her entire been in my possession for life, is in perfect health and has never been lame. Is good known to the farrier, with clipping and standing, washing and trailer loading. She is an honest mare. She is calm in the stable and has no (stable) defects.

I have from Karlotta-Belle several offspring bred, namely:
- Mare by Zirocco-Blue (still in my possession and pregnant with Mees van de Watermolen)
- Harley's stallion VDL (sold to Belgium)
- Stallion of Harley VDL (sold to Austria)
Karlotta is foaling very well easy and is a very good mother. Have the offspring all have a lot of breed and appearance, a lot of size and a very nice character. They are horses that want to work for you.

Karlotta is bombproof and is familiar with heavy traffic, water, (un)paved roads, alone or in a group and on strange territory. She is familiar with several riders. After a while If she has not ridden (due to foaling), you can immediately pick her up again and she doesn't put a step wrong.

Photo 1/2/3 are photos of Karlotta-Belle.
Photo 4/5/6/7 are photos of her descendants.
More photos and a film of her in motion and of her descendants, of course, on request. 

Do you want If you would like to breed and ride a foal from a very good stallion from a beautiful line in the short term, then this is your chance! She will only go to the right place!


Sire Verdi TN
Preferent (1.70m Spr.)
Sire of sire Quidam de Revel
Stb (1.60m Spr.)
s.s.s. Jalisco B
(1.60 m Spr.)
m.s.s. Dirka
(1.60m Spr.)
Dam of sire Clarissa
d.s.d. Landgraf I
m.m.s. Renaissance
Mother Etres Belle
prok, ster, voorl. keur
Sire of dam Vittorio
(1.50m Spr.)
s.s.d. Calippo
(1.60m Spr.)
m.s.m. Ma Belle
(1.45m Spr.)
Dam of dam Atres Belle
ster, prestatie
s.d.d. Padinus
(1.30m Spr.)
d.d.d. Tres Belle S
ster, prestatie