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Kiarara (pregnant to Mauro Turfhorst)

El Capone x Polansky
Mare, star, provisional inspection
May 24, 2015
height +/- 1.70 cm

Kiarara is a beautiful and sweet horse and can move well. As a 4 year old she was second at the ONNK, championships for 4 to 7 year olds in the Northern Netherlands with 54 points. She got a  8.5 for the walk and 8's for type and posture & balance.

In 2021 she had a foal by Dream Boy. This one is very easy to deal with and people oriented. She has recently been approved (including neck, throat and back)

She has been ridden with intervals, even on strange terrain. It's just get on and drive away. Due to no connection with riding and due to circumstances, I have not entered her into competitions any further. 

She is currently pregnant with Mauro Turfhorst and due on April 11, 2024.

This black pearl is a promise for the future. 
The performance jury was full of praise for Mauro's performance: “The stallion always walks uphill. He has a very nice character, is willing to work and always thinks along well.” Mauro Turfhorst scored an 8.5 and an 8 seven times. The top performer continued his training with Dinja van Liere. In the Stallion Competition class L, Mauro Turfhorst came second and received a 9 for the canter, among other things. In September 2022, Mauro came into the spotlight during the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses, becoming a finalist among the five-year-old dressage horses. Mauro also scored well during the stallion competition in class M. In the three races he completed he scored more than 85 points each time. The marks never fell below 8.5 in all components and in Exloo he received a 9 for harmony. There the jury said: “This stallion is willing to work, good at the aids and remains nicely concentrated on the rider. That's why he gets a 9 for harmony and an 8.8 for the overall impression.”

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Sire EL Capone
Sire of sire UB40
s.s.s. Olivi
Dam of sire Vamora
elite, preferent, prok
d.s.d. OO Seven
Mother Wietske
ster, preferent
Sire of dam Polansky
Dam of dam Madeliefje


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ONNK Kampioenschap vrij bewegen 4 t/m 7 jarigejarigen 2019 4 tot en met 7 jarige 2 de finale