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For sale: The ideal outdoor riding horse!
Good 8 year old gelding
Dressage bred / Dressage horse
Gotcha - Utopia x Cabochon
Around 1.75 meters.

He enjoys the most outdoor rides! He is super good in this and wants to work for you! Can go on outdoor rides alone or together. Is not surprised by heavy traffic. If he sees something exciting, he stops for a moment, looks and continues walking.

He has mainly been out and about with us. And it also spent 4 years in the woods with the previous owner. Is always neatly ridden and walks well on the reins. Not suitable for the novice rider, as he can be forward in the woods, he would like to work for you.
When you ride him he feels very safe. He remains neat when mounting and dismounting.

He is good at the farrier and on a 2 horse truck. Can be loaded and unloaded alone without any difficulty. You can also take another horse away, he doesn't mind that. Stands neatly still during brushing and saddling. Can really enjoy this.

Like every horse, he also has a disadvantage. He suffers from food envy. You won't notice this on the meadow itself, but you will notice it around the feeding areas in the paddock paradise. He is now in a paddock paradise at home in a herd with 2 other horses. Unfortunately, this is not a nice way to love for him. He prefers to eat his food in peace in his own stable. That's why we're looking for a place where he goes into the country with other horses during the day and in the stable at night, where he can eat his food in his own stable.

Unfortunately, we were only able to enjoy it for 3.5 months. of this sweet horse, but unfortunately it is not possible in terms of housing and since this is my 2nd horse, which I only bought for the outdoor rides 1 or 2 times a week, I am not willing to pay 300/400 euros for stable costs somewhere else every month. So that is the reason for selling.

The winter blanket (250 grams) and rain blanket (0 grams) are included in the price. These 2 are from Horseware Amigo and I bought him 3 months ago (worth €250) so they are as good as new!
You also get about 5 other (Fleece and older) blankets.

For an additional charge (€950), the dressage saddle and a new mattes fur (worth €180) can also be purchased, this is an 18 inch saddle custom made by the saddle maker.

The complete history of this horse is known. The previous owner had bought him from the breeder as a 4 year old. He has never walked with a limp.

Inspection is allowed, costs for the buyer.

The price is negotiable if he is in a good home, we would prefer to see him sold to someone who enjoys walking with him. takes him into the woods, he really enjoys that!

If you are seriously interested, videos can be requested via: 0611492796


Sire Gino
Sire of sire Calvino Z
s.s.s. Calvin (Calvin Z)
m.s.s. Easanette
Dam of sire Jomara
d.s.d. Ekstein
m.m.s. Fomara
Mother Ashley
Sire of dam Quattro B
s.s.d. Qredo de paulstra
m.s.m. Une amcercaine
Dam of dam Leone
s.d.d. Zuidhorn
d.d.d. Aurora