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For sale a beautiful black-brown colt named Ti Sento from a Expression x Oscar mare paired with the dream pedigree of Nordic Blue Hors (Totilas x Jazz).

Ti Sento (born on 01-04-2023) has 3 good basic gaits, has a spacious step, self-carriage and looseness in the trot and shows that he can switch well in the canter. He has a nice character and is already trimmed, dewormed and chipped.

Considering the small number of offspring of Nordic Blue Hors is this a godsend, the stallion needed some time under the saddle, but He shows that this Totilas son has a lot of quality and talent currently under the saddle with Danielle Heijkoop!

The mother is the Ster, IBOP and D-OC mare Linde and became during described in the studbook entry as a well-developed mare who is good at right-angle model and is also nicely built upwards. Gets in well the four-stroke, the trot was described as very easy with a good two-stroke with a nice floating moment in it, they also saw the same image in the gallop, they jumps up nicely with good balance and self-carriage.

At the IBOP the mother Linde was described by the jury as a fine mare which is easy to work with good posture and a very nice contact. The comments about the gaits were as follows: the mare walks broadly and actively under the saddle, in the trot she is light-footed with a lot of scope and a quick hind leg, the canter is active, spacious and can easily switch with a good balance. The overall picture was described by the jury as a very neat one operation. The mare has a nice character and we had it ourselves at the time broken in the saddle, released at M level and done the IBOP before the first foal got. The first foal is also still present, which is now a 1.5 year old Las Vegas mare. 

If interested, an app (0657234786) works the fastest given the limited availability during my working hours.


Sire Nordic Blue Hors
Sire of sire Totilas
s.s.s. Gribaldi
Dam of sire Demeter B
Ster, sport, PROK
d.s.d. Jazz
Mother Linde
Ster, IBOP, D-OC
Sire of dam Expression
s.s.d. Vivaldi
Dam of dam Winfrey
Keur, Preferent, IBOP
s.d.d. Oscar