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Casa Sanchez, a breathtaking 6-year-old PRE gelding with an impressive story. With its elegant appearance, excellent performance, friendly character and ability to make a rider feel nice and safe, Casa Sanchez is a horse that will conquer your heart.

🌟 Breed: PRE (Pura Raza Española) 🌟 Age: 6 years old 🌟 Gender: Gelding We bought Casa Sanchez from its Spanish owner at the age of three. We have worked on his training with patience and passion, resulting in a horse ready to take on his next adventure. The entire education of Casa Sanchez has been filmed for, the online equestrian center, so everything is documented.

🏆 Achievements: Casa Sanchez has proven its versatility by distinguishing itself in various disciplines. We are proud to announce that he is currently L2 eligible to start. He flew through the L1. His graceful movements and harmonious cooperation make him a pleasure to work with in the dressage arena. We started Casa Sanchez among the horses. A youth rider can also just start him with the ponies because of his height. But that is not everything! Casa Sanchez also shows his athletic skills in jumping, making fun jumps with enthusiasm and precision. In addition, he has gained experience in eventing, which testifies to his courage and willingness to take on new challenges. He also enjoys riding outside in the woods and can go alone, as well as in the front, but also in a group.

🌿 Character and Social Behavior: What makes Casa Sanchez really special is his warm and friendly character. He is a true gentleman to be around and enjoys interacting with people. His social nature is also evident in his harmonious coexistence with other horses. Whether in the stable or in the pasture, Casa Sanchez always creates a positive atmosphere around him. In addition, he has the unique ability to make his rider feel nice and safe, which is invaluable for a successful partnership.

🩺 Health and Inspection: The health and well-being of Casa Sanchez is with us ahead. We trained him at the age of 5 and last year he was fully clinically and x-ray approved as a sport horse by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. This testifies to his excellent condition and suitability for more intensive sporting performances. All re-inspections are of course allowed k.k.  Casa Sanchez behaves exemplary with the farrier, dentist and osteopath, also on the truck and in the trailer he is easy to transport.

Casa Sanchez is ready to start his next adventure with a loving owner. If you are looking for a partner who is both performance-oriented and friendly, and gives you that nice and safe feeling, Casa Sanchez is the perfect match for you. Contact us today to make an appointment and meet this extraordinary gelding in person. You will be impressed by his charm, talent and reliable character. Don't miss this opportunity to welcome Casa Sanchez into your life and create beautiful memories together! 🌟 


Sire Fonema A
Sire of sire Claudio Vives
s.s.s. Cesar VI
m.s.s. Carmela V
Dam of sire Fernanda II
d.s.d. Peru III
m.m.s. Presumida
Mother Africana HRE
Sire of dam Divino XVIII
s.s.d. Carmelo II
m.s.m. Divina XXIX
Dam of dam Orgullosa CV
s.d.d. Sigiloso III
d.d.d. Usurpadora III