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Tutti Bella Donna A.K.M. is a chic mare with a unique Olympic pedigree and anchored genes for the sport!  

Bella descends from the famous stallions Easy Game (Gribaldi x Schwadroneur) and Negro (Ferro x Variant). Both stallions are unique top sires and both sire an Olympic champion!
What is special about Easy Game is that very many successful offspring have been born from relatively few matings. Because he recently passed away and he did not produce many offspring, Bella is one of the few offspring of this stallion. She therefore carries a unique bloodline!
Easy Game's most famous offspring is the 2021 Olympic champion; TSF Dalera BB. Dalera is therefore a half-sister of Bella and she is currently seen as the number 1 dressage horse in the world. Dalera runs successfully at Grand Prix level with very high scores. A half-brother of Bella is the well-known Hèrmes N.O.P., who is very successful at Grand Prix level under Dinja van Lieren.  

Negro is in turn also a top sire and sire of another Olympic champion; the well-known Valegro, who won gold at the London Games in 2012. Negro has been declared preferential because of the many successful offspring he has. More than half of his offspring perform at a very high level. 

Bella was self-bred and we still have her mother, a half-sister and brother of mother and her grandmother. Bella is therefore the third generation of our line. Bella's mother, O'Donna is a young mare who will be saddled next year and will then be released in dressage.  Bella's grandmother, One Wish, descends from the foundation stallion Indoctro. She was only released at a later age and has performed at Z level (jumping and dressage) and L SGW. Bella has thus anchored strong jumping genes in the third generation, which ensures an extra strong hind leg and a good sports attitude.

The oldest descendant of One Wish, a gelding v. Johnson from 2012, is now Z2 dressage. Within two competitions he has won 5 points and he also shows a lot of talent for collecting and for the higher classes. All horses from this line have a powerful hind leg, a good sports attitude and aptitude for the higher (dressage) sport. ; The expectation is that Bella is a very complete dressage horse that is suitable for the higher work. She has a very friendly and willing character. She also shows three good gaits, with a powerful hind leg and an extra trot. She already shows a lot of potential for the collection!

Bella is leaving due to lack of time as we both have young children. She goes away alone to a five-star house, where she is offered every opportunity. Bella grows up in a group and she is on the pasture 24/7. She is handled daily, dewormed on time and good on the trailer. Bella can go to her new address from the end of October.  The asking price is €9,500. Feel free to call or app to come by or for more information. 


Sire Easy Game
Elite, D-OC, PROK, WFFS-free
Sire of sire Gribaldi
s.s.s. Kostolany
m.s.s. Gondola
Dam of sire Evita XII
Elite, preferent, prestatie, PROK, staatsprämie
d.s.d. Schwardroneur
m.m.s. Elica
Mother O'Donna
Sire of dam Negro
s.s.d. Ferro
m.s.m. Fewrie
Keur, preferent, Prestatie
Dam of dam One Wish (Onita)
s.d.d. Indoctro
d.d.d. Kinata