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This fantastic PRE horse is a dream come true. He has a fairytail appearance and high quality movements. With only 7 years he is already ZZlight with winning points and with another young rider also Z dressage. We are working on the excersizes for the highest levels and he knows already Passage, flying changes on the 3 paces, on the 2 paces and sometimes he does them on the pass but this is not yet confirmed. He also knows the pirouettes.  Al Candelario is a a GRAND PRIX project, we are sure he will made this easily only with his young age we don't want to overwork him  Al Candelario already won a lot of prizes and became Champion as well between the normal warmblood horses.  He is also used to go in to the forest and beach and he is well behaved but not a lazy horse. He is used to ride with different riders so he is suitable for many sort of riders. In the stable Al Candelario is very friendly and devoted to people. 

For more information about this exclusive horse we would like to ask you to call us on 0031620429346
Al Candelario is only for serious customers and he is in a high price range.


Sire Yerbero
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Pampero V
Dam of dam