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Beautiful, talented, 9-year-old mare by Don’t Touch It M x Zidane.

Horse has the quality for the serious work. Is very willing to work with a lot of attitude and ‘go’ in competition. Is currently Z-qualified jumping and Z-qualified dressage.
Last winter region champion in the 1.20 level.

Horse has 3 good gaits with an above average trot with very active hind leg use. Given her willingness to work and dressage qualities, this horse would also be very suitable for eventing.

Horse is on 1 July 2022 clinically and radiologically approved with 37 photos, including neck and back. This horse is in a high price range.


Sire Don’t Touch It M
1,45 Spr.
Sire of sire Untouchable
Elite, Stb. 1,60 Spr
s.s.s. Hors La Loi Li
1,60 Spr
m.s.s. Promesse
1,30 Spr.
Dam of sire Follet
d.s.d. Landaris
m.m.s. Wetzlar
Mother Esta
1,20 Spr.
Sire of dam Zidane
s.s.d. Ladas
1,45 Spr.
m.s.m. Marette
Dam of dam Jennij
Keur, sport(spr) 1,40 spr
s.d.d. Dageraad
1,30 Spr.
d.d.d. Astrid