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Saray is a picture to and also a real teacher.

In 2017 we have her bought, she was trained with us to Z2 dressage with profit points, the top has not yet been reached. When she goes to competition, she comes back with a win point 90% of the time in each class.  She is in the classes M2, Z1 and Z2 became circuit champion. In addition, she started at the Dutch National Championships with foursome.

She has a heart and character made of gold and thinks along with you while driving. She is driven and wants work for you. She is reliable, easy to get along with young and old and familiar with what freedom dressage. She is also easy to get along with other horses/ponies.

She can be ridden without a saddle, suitable for a forest ride / outdoor ride, she has been to pony camp and jumps a low jump during a practice cross. She has no stable defects, is good with farrier and easy on the trailer. She goes to the been a dentist, vaccinated and dewormed on time and had physiotherapy (maintenance, not therapy).

We like it when Saray goes to a five-star address with a young rider who wants to go further come into dressage. Traders don't have to react.
Saddle, blankets, tendon boots can be taken over in consultation.
Approval k.k.
Films can be requested via the app.


Sire Nieuwmoeds Patrick
Sire of sire Beaucandan Brendan
Dam of sire Nieuwmoeds Anet
Mother Reigershoeve Tooske
Sire of dam Woodrow Carisbrooke
Dam of dam Reigershoeve Kim