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Posture, race, size and movement! This sturdy colt has it all! 

Shizzle vd Waalsehoeve

Shizzle comes from the well-known and well-breeding Karin-line. In this line we find several approved stallions!

He has a striking appearance and a lot of self-carriage. Dam Evamora v/d Waalsehoeve v. Vivaldi is a Ster PROK mare of 175m and seems to have passed on a lot of size to her foal. 

Mother has a down to earth character and is a nice horse to handle (not ridden by an accident as a 3 year old).

Next Romanier x Ster PROK v. Vivaldi x Ster IBOP D-OC Preferent v. Florestan I x 5 times Keur Preferent Performance!!!

Photo 1: 1 month old
Other photos: 2 weeks old

I will make a new photo/ film of him soon!
Also for sale another colt from Next Romancier.


Sire Next Romancier
Sire of sire Furst Romancier
s.s.s. Furst Heinrich
m.s.s. Ronja
Dam of sire Haizenzi
d.s.d. San Amour I
m.m.s. Zenzi
Elite Prestatie
Mother Evamora v/d Waalsehoeve
Sire of dam Vivaldi
s.s.d. Krack C
m.s.m. Renate-Utopia
Ster D-OC Pref Pres
Dam of dam Vamora
Ster IBOP D-OC Preferent
s.d.d. Florestan I
d.d.d. Famora
Keur Preferent Prestatie