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With pain in my heart and tears in my eyes, because to love is also to let go.

My best friend cookie monster, deserves a 10 star house.

Cookie Monster is a 1.64m gelding (he shows a bit bigger because he is a nice sturdy horse).
He was born in 2010 which makes him 12 years old.

Cookie is a Holsteiner, his pedigree is Cassin x Lascadell.

I could write a book about him but will try to keep it 'short' ..

I bought Cookie when he was 3 years old, I trained him myself, he was 'saddle-broken' and has never done anything bad to me in his life!

< div>A horse with a heart of gold and a character of even more gold.
He is down to earth, uncomplicated, friendly, alert, talented and the biggest teddy bear and clown on earth.
A horse that literally r you go through fire, always put his best foot forward and like everything.

I trained cookie from the start in a very playful and all-round way.< /div>
He is good at everything and I don't think there is a more all-round horse.

I have released cookie up to 1.20m jumping( walked 1.20 with 2 riders), I started Z1 dressage and L eventing with him, he knows almost all the tricks of freedom dressage, is 100000% BOMPROOF, can be ridden without harness and thinks forest/beach rides are fantastic.

I am convinced that Cookie can do even more in all disciplines, he has more than enough talent to rise to the top. He jumps fantastic, is careful and enthusiastic, likes to cross and he doesn't care what he has to jump over, from 'normal' obstacles to picnic tables, hay bales, jumps, water troughs and so on.

Cookie is 'not a dressage horse' but is really good in the sport, he just loves to work and really does what is asked of him, whether this a show jumping course or a Z1 class (or perhaps even higher) just makes no difference to him.

Cookie is a horse that really makes you happy, whatever you with him, he makes you feel good and will do his best for you at all times.

Because cookie is far from finished learning and sporting, and I unfortunately I can't find my motivation for higher work, I have become aware that I no longer give my best friend what he deserves, and that is the last thing I want.

My Cookie monster is absolutely not in my way, I enjoy him every day and he is only sold at a 10 star house and a mutual click.

Price on request.
High price range! (above 25,000 €)
for videos please app: +316-31903890
A good house is just as important!


Sire Cassin
1.40 springen
Sire of sire Cassini 1
1.60 springen
s.s.s. Capitol 1
m.s.s. Wisma
Dam of sire M-CALVARA F
d.s.d. Calido 1
1.30 springen
m.m.s. Phiona
Mother N-Legante
Sire of dam Lascadel
1.35 springen
s.s.d. Landgraf 1
m.s.m. MAIRIKE
Dam of dam Rafaela
s.d.d. Calando 1
1.60 springen
d.d.d. Delphi