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Neermolens (Ploeg) King Theodoor    (1.47) 

Due to the termination of the pony sport, it is with pain in our hearts that we offer our Gorgeous King Theodoor for sale. < br>
Theodoor came to us as a 3 year old pony. Because he did not have a favorable start, we took extensive time to train him. As a 3 year old we drove him 3x a week, as a 4 year old 4x, as a 5 year old 5x and then no more. We never questioned him. Never ridden for more than half an hour (of course not counting getting in and out. 

Theodoor is a pony with 3 good gaits in which his canter really excels. Simple changes, the counter canter and turns are his absolute And of course all other exercises are well confirmed.As a 7 year old Theodoor was Z2, and now he is on his way again with his next rider M2 but very soon he will start Z1.The rider who rides him now was the highest L2 classified and learns from Theodoor without any problems all exercises up to Z2.
The times that Theodoor came home without profit point(s) or prizes can be counted on one hand.
This makes Theodoor a real schoolmaster. < br>
Theodoor doesn't like to jump, but for a change you make him very happy with rides outside. He also loves attention and a real cuddly pony who likes to play with you. He likes running through the meadow or playing football together . 

For the be We don't think Theodoor is suitable for a gumbling rider. Theodoor wants to shine in the ring and has a lot of GO. That ensures that we want to see him come to a rider / rider who already has some experience. We are also looking for the rider / rider who is fanatical and well guided. We once again wish him the way to the highest level and someone who is just as crazy about him as we are. 

Theodoor has never kicked, bitten, reared or bucked. He has never had colic or other injuries. (medical file may be viewed) 

The only downside(s) that Theodoor has is that he is an air sucker when management is not good. He will never suck air with his band on. At our house he never wears the belt, because the place in the stable where he would like to suck air has been greased with Kribox, and in the meadow / paddock the electric wire runs above the posts. must for Thedoor, as well as a buddy he can play with or cuddle with. 

Because King Theodoor is so close to our hearts, we take the time for this sale. Traders don't have to respond, and the well-known click and the 5 star home are a must to let him go. As King Theodoor is our last pony, it is possible to buy him with all his accessories. < br>
More info (please via app first) or video 0610638393


Sire pippins pride AT
Sire of sire Wengelo's Ricardo
s.s.s. coelenhage's purioso
m.s.s. wenelo's queeny
Dam of sire orchard orange pippin
d.s.d. aester el nino
m.m.s. orchard wielcanoc
Mother Nobis Juulke
Sire of dam de goede ree now or never
s.s.d. highroad duty free
m.s.m. lijsterhof's First Lady
Dam of dam nobis Juliette
s.d.d. aester el nino
d.d.d. were di's Julia