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Tenerife Vdl x Gingola
Anastasia is a very nice horse, who is good at jumping and dressage. She is very good to deal with, at the farrier, in the trailer and on outdoor rides. Generally a very easy horse. She has a lot of experience in jumping and also has a lot of fun while riding. Anastasia likes to work hard for you.

In the past she jumped 1.35 internationally and last jumped z 5 years ago. Lately she has mainly been doing bb and b jumps, but height is not a problem for her. Dressage has all the buttons on it. All in all, Anastasia is a very nice all-round horse that you can learn a lot from.

Anastasia also had a foal by Vingino who now runs 1.45

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to Anastasia because of study abroad

asking price: 10,000,-
for more information, call: 0654252157, email:


Sire Tenerife Vdl
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Gingola
Sire of dam
Dam of dam