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Sierra Nevada, For Ferrero x Negro x Jazz Filly from 4-5-2022. Sierra is a good size, has 3 good gaits and a people-oriented character. She is daily in hand. DOC and WFFS have been requested.
Movies on request.

Mother Havanna PROK is the full sister of Avatar who runs black tour dressage and in 2010 belonged to the best 5 year old horses of the Pavo Cup with Petri Bax . Havanna is also the half sister of Desteny v.Painted Black ZZL dressage, Eyecatcher v.Sir Oldenburg PSG dressage in Sweden, Blue Bell v.Krack C Z2 dressage, Gapache v.Apache z1 dressage, Javyro v.Blue horse Zack Z1 dressage Got to Dance v.Furst Romancier Z1 dressage and Milano v.Franklin one of the auction toppers at the Prinsjesdag auction 2017.

Grandmother Tennessee is Elite, Preferent, Performance Sport dressage and PROK, has competed ZZL dressage. Great-grandmother Danea Keur, Preferent, Performance produced Inea and Kurano both Z1 dressage. The preferent keur performance mare Mondea v.Houston Z2 dressage. In addition, Danea is grandmother of seven dressage horses in Z1 or higher, including Tristan Tigre s.Jazz and Zodea s.Rousseau walk Small Tour.
From this family comes the KWPN approved Ghandi v. Bojengel

Her mother is also available if needed. She is a relaxed, good mother. Easy to get pregnant. L2 classified


Sire For Ferrero
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Havanna
Sire of dam Negro
Dam of dam Tennessee
Elite, Preferent, Prestatie Sport dressuur, PROK
s.d.d. Jazz