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Due to Lack of time, I offer our horse Doritos for sale.  

Doritos is a beautiful and talented horse. We bought it as a 2 year old and he was saddle broken at the age of 3 years. After that I met He successfully completed all classes and has often won prizes. Most recently he was entered in the Z1 (3 profit points). He controls all exercises and has a lot of potential. Can also make a small jump. Further it is a very sweet and affectionate horse.  

Doritos has three good gaits. His stride is wide. He trots with impulsion and with good use of the hind leg. His canter has a powerful jump. It shows a lot of elasticity and looseness and it has a forward urge.

Doritos is a very honest horse but - like many descendants of Tuschinski - is he sensitive and easily tense/scared. He bucks and doesn't rear and is by no means mean but he is easily startled and can then jump to the side. This has never been a problem for me but you have to be able to handle this and there have experience with. Doritos needs some time to learn a new rider but as soon as the trust is there, it is a very nice horse to ride to work together. Doritos comes into its own with a certain and patient rider.  

Vaccinations, teeth and hooves are neatly maintained.  

Doritos has been around for a year ca. ridden by a 3 times a week co-driver in connection with my pregnancy/childbirth.  

We are looking for a good place where he comes out daily with other horses. He does not stand in our way and only leaves with a good match and a good house.    

Approval is allowed cost buyer.

If you are seriously interested, please send a message to or 0630759615.


Sire Tuschinski
Sire of sire Krack C
s.s.s. Flemmingh
m.s.s. Gicara II
keur, preferent, prestatie
Dam of sire Kalinja
Ster, preferent
d.s.d. Pion
m.m.s. Toriose
ster, preferent, prestatie
Mother Jordina
Sire of dam Sultan
s.s.d. Marinier
m.s.m. Nireina
ster, preferent, prestatie
Dam of dam Dordina
s.d.d. Urban
d.d.d. Zordina
keur, preferent