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 This beautiful large striking 14 year old mare Doutze Ferroquil (Ferro x Rubiquil) is trained and released at inter 1 level.  Her father is the well-known and very respected sport stallion Rubiquil who his offspring are intelligence and work mentality. Doutze definitely got this from her father and is therefore a well-behaved and easy to ride mare. She has does not suffer from heat strokes while driving and always wants her best do for you. Thanks to her descendants, achievements in sport and her willingness to work, Doutze is certainly a suitable mare to raise a foal.

Doutze has been trained from the age of 5 by a regular rider and was released in competition and is from ridden the class B to the intermediate 1 with points for the inter 2. Because of her good character and rideability she is very suitable for, for example, the transition from ponies to horses or for the anxious rider who still wants to learn dressage. She is also suitable for the amateur competition rider.

In addition to dressage work, Doutze also makes a nice jump and she has participated a few times at a jumping competition B/L level. Also goes they are very well-behaved on an outdoor ride with 1 or more horses. Only take to outside she finds it exciting, she is well-behaved but insecure but can certainly be driven through it. 

In 2018, Doutze was X-ray approved and in December 2021 she was re-examined on the neck and back. This showed that she has some slight marks in her neck and back. Two horse practices have looked at this and the advice from both sides is that Doutze can be ridden well and can also be released in competitions, only the higher level of ZZL and higher is no longer feasible for her.  in July 2021 Doutze will be clinically approved! that is why we sell her as a Schoolmaster. Price is therefore negotiable!
if you have any questions or are interested in Doutze Ferroquil or would you like to come and meet us sometime, please don't hesitate to contact us. contact M. van Erp 06 83249245 (also whats app)


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