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Due to my daughter's 18th birthday and changes in her daily life a unique E pony (1.53 when he was 7 but shows much bigger) available to another rider. In incredible pain,  but very consciously, we will be putting our champ Darian for sale soon. We have enjoyed this  topper so much, we wish another rider/rider that too. Is Darian perfect? Of course not, who is that? The only thing that has to be perfect is the click. We won't do it for less. We take the time for that and we want to give everyone a chance. Not a quick sale, does not go to the highest bid, is clinically inspected and trimmed by us in advance. Expected moving date will be May. Darian his entire history is known and we have been proud owners of this topper since September 24, 2018. In addition to the many prizes, honorary rounds, profit points for both dressage and jumping, he was selected for the youth stimulation plan Friesland 2019, he became club jumping champion in 2019, he participated in a cross, he swam in the sea, of course very often outside. -, beach and forest rides. So on track and then Corona came. That time we picked up dressage. 2020 and 2021 were all about dressage. Even done up to M2 competitions, already made a start with the training of the Z exercises. His full brother and sister jump internationally (see orchid's ponies). He comes from a super line! 

Unfortunately my daughter has very little time and will ride a little pippilangstocking from January. Also nice, but for the high work he needs to get back in shape. That is why we sell it a little later and now want to get serious riding  The new rider/rider will sit on a top-fit pony! After weeks of standing still, you can step on it right away. The base is well attached.  Of course you have a lot of questions. I have prepared a FAQ 😊 for this and added it to the advertisement. Honest and open. Being is not negotiable, Darianons is much too dear for that. As a matter of principle we will not do this.  As already mentioned, we sell Darian on the basis of registration and award. You get an honest story about Darian, we want an honest story about you. We therefore look forward to receiving your response stating who you are and what the plans are with Darian . Photos or videos of the rider/rider with previous or current pony is much appreciated.


Sire Kantjes Carlando
Sire of sire Kantjes Ronaldo
Pref ps dh ps fh
Dam of sire Weverijks Santana
Stb 3273 ster pref ps fm
Mother Orchid’s mejiana
Sire of dam Rusty
He stb 195 ps dh
Dam of dam Orchid’s miss joaquim