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very qualitative nice to ride D-pony.
Nero is a 4 year old gelding of 1,44 standing high on his legs and will certainly grow a few more cm. He is the ideal pony for an ambitious little rider who wants to go into the sport with him.
Besides his good looks, Nero has a very nice character, he is a real cuddler. Nero has three good gaits in which his canter and walk are outstanding. 
Nero is very well behaved for a 4 year old, on strange territory as well as at home. Last winter we took him to a lot of strange shows and he is very honest about that. In the ring he does his very best for you, despite his young age.
Last season he exceeded 70% several times and, being less than 4 years old, he came in 3rd at the Brabant championships in a very strong field of competitors. 
Nero likes to work for you and is easy to ride. His counter canter is already confirmed and we are training his shoulder in, which he does very well
. Nero likes nothing better than being brushed and getting attention, he is very sweet and willing to work. He has a lot of potential for the higher level.
In short, the ideal pony for someone who wants to compete him successfully. 
Pony is in higher price class.
For more information contact
 + 31622551132 or +31621415360 


Sire Nightfever II
Sire of sire Night-star III
s.s.s. Nalet ox
m.s.s. Mona
Dam of sire Domina
d.s.d. Domingo
m.m.s. Nontesse
Mother Silva
Stb ster
Sire of dam Zip
Stb Prestatie-sport
s.s.d. Zodiak
Keur Preferent prestatie-sport & fok
m.s.m. Elvira
Stb preferent
Dam of dam Shira
Stb Ster
s.d.d. Sergi van Vreeburch
Stb prestatie-sport
d.d.d. Corners Hazel
Stb Ster


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