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This beautiful 3 year old gelding has just come out of rearing. He is still green and unpolished. It is an intelligent and enjoyable horse. Also in handling this gelding is honest and good. He is now under deck and is familiar with the horse walker.Oxford can move easily, he likes to show himself and he moves light-footed and has a lot of flexibility. This gelding shows a lot of quality on the jump. He is careful and jumps with a good effort. In addition, he shows fast reflexes and a super technique. He knows how to assess the jump well, so you will rarely catch him making a mistake. Given these qualities, he will also be interesting for eventing. Oxford's talent does not come out of the blue. His sire is the 1.60m Grand Prix jumping stallion Arezzo VDL (Chin Chin x Heartbreaker). Mother's sire is the top German stallion Calido I. As a young horse he won more than 20 victories at the highest level. Today he mainly distinguishes himself by his excellent offspring. He is a.o. sire of Cashmoaker 1.60m,  Direct out the Oxford line we see the top show jumpers Dartani international 1.40m jumping, Lucio 1.50m spr, Loving Dancer III 1.60m jumping, Loving Dancer IV 1.60m jumping, Quinton 1.60m jumping, Cabinet I 1.60m jumping. Oxford is a young energetic and healthy horse. We have observed that he is slightly cramping. You hardly see this in his movements and he is absolutely not bothered by it. The real connoisseurs among us know that it is these horses that can often jump extra.


Sire Arezzo VDL
Sire of sire Chin Chin
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Calido I
Dam of dam