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Due to lack of competition ambitions, with pain in the heart offered:
Mirko DY ( Dettori x Metall ), great chestnut gelding from 23-06-2017 with a height of +- 1.60m.

We saddled Mirko in July 2021. He is a very nice horse to handle and stable, he has no (stable) defects and is out here daily in a mixed herd. Under saddle he is super honest, will never buck or prance. At the moment he masters the basics well and picks up new things quickly and easily. Mirko moves with a lot of shoulder freedom, can close very easily and has good correct gaits.  He is a pleasure to ride by someone who is consistent and honest with him and who gives him confidence without being coercive. Not suitable for beginners due to his age and level of education.
Mirko really likes going to the forest and enjoys it immensely!

We like to see Mirko move to an ambitious rider/amazon, but who in his time also enjoy going into the woods with him.

Mirko only goes to a new place when we feel good about it, he doesn't get in the way here!

He has a D-OC predicate and has recently been X-ray approved for the sport.Has a small chip in a conveniently removable spot that does not hinder, X-rays are present.

Amazon in the pictures/video is 1.85m.

Please comment only if seriously interested.


Sire Dettori
Sire of sire Desperado
s.s.s. Vivaldi
Dam of sire
Mother Tulanda
D-OC, Elite
Sire of dam Metall
s.s.d. Ferro
Dam of dam
s.d.d. Purioso