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Carolina runs M1 dressage. The M1 and M2 exercises are well attached. The Z exercises are now included in the training, such as half-pass. She takes this well.
In jumping, Carolina is now competing in L. She jumps with a lot of power and scope on the jump. She always brings you to the finish line and will not let you down on the course. A few years ago I did cross-breeding with her once. She took that well. Only my interests are not here and she is therefore not published further in this.
Carolina would be super suitable for a novice or anxious rider. She gives you a very familiar feeling while driving and will never just jump sideways or run away. Despite her size, she certainly doesn't feel clumsy or lanky. She is a pleasure to ride. 
Carolina can only be taken on a competition, in the forest, on the beach, etc. She easily climbs onto the trailer and stands neatly. Small children can also brush and cuddle her, she is always very careful and enjoys all the attention.
She was born in our stable, so the entire history is known. Before we had her saddle broken, she was X-rayed. Legs, back and neck, and approved for sport.

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