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A willing, uncomplicated, well-behaved and eager to learn dressage horse by Glock's Dreamboy x Serano Gold x Gabor.
This elegant mare shows a lot of quality for dressage in all gaits.

She is good at the farrier, easy to load, calm on the trailer with one or two horses, calm in the washing area, fully vaccinated, checked and treated at the dentist, familiar with lunging, ground work and walker, chipped, dewormed and she has a lot of competition experience. She is trained in the outdoor arena and is familiar with indoor and outdoor competitions. In this she remains focused on the rider. This mare gives the rider a nice feeling and is always attentive and eager to learn during the training sessions. She is easy to saddle up at competitions.
This mare is calm in the stable, has no stable defects, likes to go out on the pasture and is social with other horses. 

Glock's Dreamboy unites the three most important stallion lines. Vivaldi's son has united Krack C and Jazz in his pedigrees. And from mother's father the well-known stallions Ferro, Ulft and Balzflug. The Elite ETPM mare Charming sires Serano Gold, the son of Sandro Hit, followed by Sandro Song and Grundstein. The mare Mevita (Elite, Preferent) descends from the well-known Otrichta line (Zinni van Wittenstein) Including in Gabor and the stallion Ulft. Many international top dressage horses come from this line. Such as Inspekteur, Habibi, Finesse, Pastinak DVB, Gypsy DVB, Nadine, Waldemar, Blóf and Elton John DVB. In short, a nice number of predecessors in the family, who have proven themselves in dressage and breeding.

This 6-year-old mare has very recently been clinically and radiographically inspected, including neck and back. Over-approval is allowed, but the costs of this are for the buyer.
An uncomplicated Z-dressage mare with a beautiful self-carriage and balance, a fine attitude for higher dressage and a young age of 6 years! 

Video images on request.
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Sire Dreamboy NOP
Grand Prix
Sire of sire Vivaldi
PSG/Inter 1
s.s.s. Krack C
Dam of sire Resia
Elite Prestatie Prok
d.s.d. Ferro
m.m.s. Iresia
Ster, Preferent
Mother Charming
Elite, EPTM, Prok
Sire of dam Serano Gold
PSG/ Inter 1
s.s.d. Sandro Hit
m.s.m. Eskoria
Dam of dam Mevita
Elite Preferent, Prok
s.d.d. Gabor
d.d.d. Evita