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I hereby offer my 6-year-old gelding as an all-rounder for sale. He is super sweet, easy and reliable both in handling and under saddle! Because of his great character, he seems to me to be suitable for many riders, for example transition from pony to horse, but also for an insecure rider. Horse can easily stand still for a few days and then it's up and riding again. 

Horse has not often entered competitions due to corona, among other things. We have started a number of B trials and always gained 1 or 2 victory points per trial. Horse is more curious than afraid, so it is also easy to drive around in other locations. In addition, we have regularly taken him to the forest and this makes him very happy! Because of his enthusiasm he can sometimes get a bit busy in the beginning, but even then he remains very reliable. He is easy on the trailer and can go to the forest alone or with other horses. In a group he can walk in front as well as at the back, does not pull and does not try to overtake.

I am offering it for sale because I am graduating next year and because I am looking for someone who can offer him more variety. My own preference goes out to dressage on a daily basis and this will bore him in the long run. Horse walks approximately at L level. For example, he can give way, backwards, shoulder forward, canter and counter canter, but these 'buttons' need to be attached a little better. 
Horse is partly spring bred but I never picked this up with him. Maybe he likes this and has ambition for it. 

The sale is not in a hurry and I am selling him only if he goes to a very nice place, so:
- Someone who can give him all the attention he deserves. He really is a cuddly butt and he deserves a buddy for life! 
- A rider who also likes variety and who has dressage ambitions up to +- M level. (He is willing to work super hard for you. So if he develops further physically I think a patient and driven rider can also ride him to the higher classes. But for now I estimate that a rider with too high dressage ambitions is not immediately the most suitable for him).
- Someone who offers him a stable with daily grazing (or paddock) 

Price indication between €15,000 and €17,000 (possibly including accessories). 

Approvals allowed. 
We had him clinically examined when we bought him on 12-2-2019 and he was radiologically (approved) by the previous owners in December 2017. Photos were taken of his legs and I can email these photos if necessary. . 

More information, photos and videos can be requested via WhatsApp 


Sire Zirkonium
Sire of sire Tenerife VDL
s.s.s. Raphael
m.s.s. Opera
Dam of sire Lurolieta
d.s.d. Goodtimes
m.m.s. Gurolieta
Mother Milou
Sire of dam Recruut
s.s.d. Marco Polo
m.s.m. Maril
Dam of dam Evelien
s.d.d. Amulet
d.d.d. Tasja