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Beautiful dressage horse for sale! 

Cornelis is a beautiful gelding who is ZZL+4 qualified. Cornelis has three beautiful gaits and is pleasant in the mouth. He is sweet in the stable and in handling. Sweet with the blacksmith, vet and can be loaded like that. Cornelis loves attention, brushing and cuddling and is a true clown in the stable. 

Cornelis has not been released or trained at ZZL level in the past 3 years. But the past shows that he has more than enough talent for that. Cornelis can be difficult to ride, so it is not a beginner's horse. It is a healthy happy horse that needs a lot of work. But if you give this helmet, you can do anything with it! If you train him well now he can be released again at ZZL level. If he trusts you, he will do everything for you.

You can of course approve. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call; 0621339828


Sire Briar Junior
Sire of sire Briar
Dam of sire
Mother Zidane
Sire of dam Florencio
Dam of dam