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Beautiful 11 ​​year old Wynton
After months of tough deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and find a new home for Flint. The fire in my heart for the sport no longer burns for the full 200%. My love for Flint is definitely still there, so horse traders need to respond. Flint is being trained at M-level and it suits him very well. He needs a consistent/honest rider who can steer and guide him well. Until now I have ridden without a whip during both the lesson and independent training. My focus is not on competitive sport, so there is definitely still potential in this horse. In addition to riding dressage, he is always up for anything. I regularly go to the forest with him and to the beach, in a group of maximum 3, and he really enjoys it. You can gently walk with long reins, take pictures, take off your coat and tie it around your waist. He likes it all. You can ride in the forest and on the beach both in front and behind, as long as he can see. Flint has also participated in jumping and cross training. Here too he needs clear guidance and trust and then he gives 100%. Variety is a must to enjoy training with Flint. He doesn't get any better from only doing rounds in the dressage ring. He is super social with other horses and is currently in the meadow with a mare. Grazing in an open field is a must for me. Of course Flint goes to the farrier every 5 weeks, his teeth are in order and he is regularly treated/massaged by a physiotherapist and he gets into the aquatrainer. A happy athlete is super important to me and I pay a lot of attention to his well-being. I witnessed Flint being born at the breeder and in 2014 he came into my possession. Full life course is therefore known. The management has been top notch from day 1; any additional information about Flint is available on request.


Sire Wynton
Sire of sire Jazz
Dam of sire Acacia
Mother Aimee
Sire of dam Sandreo
Dam of dam Evita