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• Note description!* clinically approved / left posterior x-ray note Very loyal and striking 9 year old fox is for sale because I just became a mother for the 2nd x and now have a young family. Hap is mega friendly on the ground but insecure under saddle. If you train him well, he is well-behaved and stable. Hap is not suitable for the insecure rider, nor for the manage. Height is around 1.64. Important to know, because of an OCD (successfully removed during his 2nd year of life) he has developed spatter in the left hind hock joint. He's never been lame on it. It is therefore perfectly suited for the recreational rider who likes a little more spice. Calling my vet is allowed! If he suffers in the future, there are some follow-up steps with which you can easily continue training him; such as special fittings (it is now bare foot) and/or treating with a special injection (until now it has never been necessary) He is currently not being trained and can be shown at the lunge. There are also plenty of video images available. If you want to pick it up further, you will certainly be stable again within a month, this has been proven several times in the past. Then he reacts calmly rather than sensitively. Often with perseverance you need that consequence. I am looking for an honest home for him. Messages from traders, manage and or export are not appreciated. Because Hap falls in a lower price range because of his comment, I would like to emphasize that I think it is important that it ends up well. Do you as a family have to consider every euro carefully? And is there no room/safety net in the financial picture for unforeseen care and/or medical costs? Then don't respond. Of course it is well maintained by the blacksmith, dentist, osteopath and vaccinations at the vet. It's all good at that. No stable vice and often well-behaved on the trailer, guaranteed if it is in it together with another horse. Been to the beach and or woods several times (even alone without other horses) here they behaved fine! Truly a loving and warm horse who will walk through fire for you. Loves his regular group of people and can cuddle for hours. Can easily walk and train all week!


Sire Broere Valdez
Sire of sire Houston
s.s.s. Belisar
m.s.s. Ciola
Dam of sire Oase
d.s.d. Jazz
m.m.s. Fenneke
Mother Wisala
Sire of dam
Dam of dam