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With pain in my heart I put my sweet welsh c pony up for sale.
Twist hoeves nanc "nickname nanc" is a 6 year old welsh c mare of 1.32 m high.
The reason for selling is because I can't grow with her in the sport because of her height and my height, which she could be very suitable for in the future.
Nanc is a special pony who knows very well what she likes and doesn't want. She can still be very playful, clumsy or unpredictable in this. It is a pony that you have to put in the time and energy to gain her trust. She is therefore not a beginner pony and a real mare.
Nanc has broken in and is taking it well. She knows the basic walk, trot, canter, a small jump and some walking on the reins. She also likes going out for a ride, both alone and in a group. She can sometimes be a bit insecure when she goes alone, but she is a traffic jam. She knows lunging, the beginning of freedom dressage and ground work. She has also walked in front of the cart a few times with an experienced pony in 2 span. She takes this well. She gets along well with other horses. Currently getting a natural trim and neatly getting her shots every year.
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