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Sire World Pleasure
DE 431416555703
Sire of sire Landclassic
DE 331310008092
s.s.s. Landadel
m.s.s. Haupstutbuch Tira
DE 331313406385
Dam of sire Stutbuch 1 Fortun
d.s.d. For Pleasure
DE 331310258786
m.m.s. Haupstutbuck Diane
DE 331314025379
Mother Stutbuch 1 Cullinana
DE 418181557407
Sire of dam Coolidge
DE 421000290202
s.s.d. Clinton I
DE 321210127290
m.s.m. Novia I
DE 321210254398
Dam of dam Stutbuch 1 Cascara
DE 418181107003
s.d.d. Cassini I
DE 321210021688
d.d.d. Stutbuch 1 Cha-Cha Z
DE 404040501700